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Professional Automatic Driving Lessons

Are you looking for automatic driving lessons in the Tshwane Area? Then Ur Driving School is for you.
At Ur Driving School we have all the essential comprehensive knowledge and skills in automatic car driving and automatic driving test K53 you will need.

Automatic Driving Lessons @ Ur Driving School

Learning to drive an automatic car is easier than driving a car with a manual gear. This is due to the fact that most of the work in changing the gears is done automatically and there is no need to worry about using the clutch. Because driving an automatic car makes driving easier, you can focus more on learning to drive and not worry about changing gears and clutch control.

Automatic cars have a built in automatic gearbox which changes the gears when necessary. There are 2 foot controls, the accelerator and foot brake and both are normally controlled using your right foot.

About the Automatic Driving Test..

The automatic driving test is conducted the same way as the manual car driving test. Those that successfully pass their driving test you will only be permitted to drive an automatic car afterwards. If you later decide you wish to drive a manually operated vehicle you will need to take the driving test designed for a manual gearbox car.

Learning to Drive An Automatic Car at Ur Driving School

Professional driving lessons with Ur Driving School includes automatic driving lessons conducted on a one on one basis. Our skilled driving instructor always makes sure your driving lessons are suitably planned as well as conducting your lessons in an enjoyable, friendly & educational atmosphere.

For automatic driving lessons in the Tshwane area  is your ideal choice.

One hour lesson Automatic car R200.00
Two hours lesson Automatic car R390.00
Six hours lesson Automatic car R1 140.00
Twelve hours lesson Automatic car R2 220.00
Twenty hours lesson Automatic car R3 600.00
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