New car licence rules for SA:

New car licence rules for SA: This might irk you...

2015-11-02 15:21

NEW RULES: The Department of Transport, from November 1, will require driver to provide a proof of residence when applying to renew their vehicle licence. Image: Wheels24/ Sean Parker




Cape Town - SA drivers are now required to provide a proof of residence when applying to renew their vehicle licence.

The new rule came into effect on Monday (November 2 2015) by the National Department of Transport as part of Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations.

Take note

Drivers, whose vehicle licences are up for renewal in November, should take note that the issuing of a vehicle licence disc could be denied if these new requirements are not met.

New car licence rules for SA: Angry users respond

The department said the new requirements entail the provision of proof of a person’s particulars (full names and identity document) and the residential and postal address for verification when:

  • There is a change of the person’s particulars or change of address
  • When an application is made for a national traffic information system (NaTIS) service at the City’s Motor Vehicle Registration offices or at a driving licence testing centre.
  • These include, amongst others, applying for a driving licence, applying for the renewal of a driving licence, applying for a learner’s licence, applying for vehicle licence disc, renewing a vehicle licence disc, and registering a vehicle. 

Proof of address can include a utility bill issued by the municipality, a telephone account and retail store account (provided that it is not older than three months).

Click here for a list of acceptable documents posted by the City of Cape Town.

The Department of Transport says the purpose of this regulation is to ensure all people registered on the system "promptly and timeously receive their vehicle and driving licence renewal notices and any other road traffic related communique."

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